Audio Visual Learning

(Conducted by CBM)
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As educators, our goal is to get students energized and engaged in hands-on learning experiences. The audio visual program is clearly an instructional medium that generates excitement. Using sight and sound, audio visual is the perfect learning medium for students who are visual learners. Experience teaches us that the more interactive your lesson is, the more your students will enjoy it, learn from it and retain it . We have a program that has been designed to take complete responsibility for organising and implementing the audio-visual program in your school.




Arrangement :

School will provide a room which CBM will develop as an audio visual centre and provide :
— equipment for the program
— furniture for the program
— faculty for the program
— maintenance of all the equipment and furniture
— educational material and software photo gallery, video clips etc.



Conducting the program

  • The class will be shown picture clips and video clippings related to the chapters of the subjects they are currently being taught in the class.
  • The study will be a part of the school curriculum and will be shown during school hours, according to the time-table.
  • Each class will be allotted one period per week as the audio-visual period.
  • All the students of the school, from Jr. Kg. to class X, will be catered to in the Audio Visual program .




Multilingual :

This program is also available for students of English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Urdu medium schools.




The aim :

— To reinforce what is being taught in the class
— To cover difficult and hard to understand topics with the help of
animation and video clippings.
— To improve general knowledge and enhance knowledge of the chapter being dealt with, with the help of related pictures and video clippings.
— To make study interesting, more educative and enjoyable by using the latest educational
teaching aids.



Benefits to the school :

— Facility available for any announcement and viewing
— Lectures of important dignitaries
— Proxy for Absent teachers
— Goodwill.
— Better academic results




CBM will provide :

— One LCD projector
— One multimedia computer
— One splitter
— Requisite audio visual speakers
— One audio system amplifier
— One table mike with stand
— Projector over-head stand
— Requisite and furnishings for the equipment
— Requisite electrical fittings
— Voltage stabilizer for all the equipments
— Well planned, syllabus based supplementary audio visual program
— Educational Software and technical guidance
— Audio Visual Co-ordinator
— Maintenance of equipment
— Maintenance of furniture and furnishing