(Equipments from CBM LLP, Services from Riverdale Digital Education Pvt Ltd)






Interactive Classrooms

Technology plays an extremely important role in modernizing global education systems and we at CBM have been constantly endeavouring to keep up with its innovative pace in the ever changing scenario of contemporary education. In the process, the concept of employing multimedia in the classroom, and integrating voice, data and video resources to create a synergistic effect for students while teaching a particular topic, has gained much momentum




Futuristic Classrooms

In the pursuit of this achievement, CBM shall equip each classroom with an interactive whiteboard, a multimedia computer, latest projector and respective class wise and subject wise educational content based on the syllabus so that the teacher can use these resources to teach a particular topic in her class itself, along with the regular teaching period of 35 —40 minutes.
The projector displays the computer's desktop on the board's surface, and the teacher or even a student can control the computer from the board using a stylus electronic pen.



Training & Mapping Of Syllabus

A trained Program Administrator will be deployed for the initial period to train all the teachers in the use of these tools for conducting this program systematically and successfully.
The CBM Research Center maps the digital movies according to the school syllabus with month wise lesson plans, this enhances the content and supports collaborative learning. With the help of the images and audios available in the presentation, students start speaking and writing on a topic thus enhancing their language skills. It will definitely enhance teaching as it strengthens an instructor's verbal presentation while enabling the students to visualize and remember any particular information.




The Usage Of Audio Visual in teaching helps teacher's to.............

keep pace with the changing curriculum and teaching concepts in schools and colleges all over the world.
Assist in the goodwill of the school in the field of imparting the best education possible.
digitize and standardize the curriculum which helps in case of absenteeism or change in the teaching faculty.